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MLT offers comprehensive warehousing services in Poland and operates a customs bonded warehouse in Tbilisi. Our facilities are designed to accommodate various storage needs, from single pallet spaces to customized solutions tailored to your requirements. Here's an overview of our service offerings:



  • LTL Pickup and Delivery: We provide 24-hour LTL (Less Than Truckload) pickup services and ensure efficient delivery within 72 hours, covering the entire European Union.

  • LTL Consolidation Depots: Our consolidation depots in both Poland (32-329) and Tbilisi, Georgia, serve as customs bonded warehouses. These facilities enable secure storage and consolidation of goods for streamlined logistics operations.

  • Transshipment and Pick & Pack Services: We offer transshipment services to facilitate the smooth transfer of goods between transportation modes or for distribution purposes. Additionally, our pick and pack services ensure efficient handling and packaging of goods for onward shipment.

  • Cross-Dock Terminal in Tbilisi: Our Tbilisi facility operates as a cross-dock terminal, allowing for efficient transfer and redistribution of goods without the need for long-term storage.


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